Cambrian, San Jose Real Estate Market

Homes for Sale in Cambrian (San Jose)

Cambrian in San Jose, CA, also known as Cambrian Park, is a popular suburban neighborhood in the southwestern part of San Jose conveniently close to Campbell, Willow Glen, Los Gatos and Almaden Valley.  The Cambrian area is attached to San Jose Zip Code 95124 mostly. The Cambrian neighborhood is sought after by many home buyers seeking affordable housing in the real estate market of San Jose, CA.

Cambrian Park Plaza Shopping Center

Cambrian Park takes its name from a British immigrant  who decided to settle in this area of San Jose during the second half of the 18th century and named it Cambrian in honor of his homeland, Cambria, which is the classical name in Latin for Wales.

Cambrian Park boasts many historical landmarks, including the Cambrian Bowl Center located in one of the oldest and most charming shopping malls in San Jose, the Cambrian  Park Plaza Shopping Center. The Mall is famous among Cambrian residents for its merry-go-round set up in 1953 by a local baker and homeowner in Cambrian.

The Cambrian Park area spreads on both sides of Highway 85 and can be accessed through the Camden Ave. and Union Ave. highway exits.

Homes for sale in Cambrian Park typically average $600K but  homes prices can exceed 7 figures in the Cambrian area bordering Los Gatos (Blossom Crest) also referred to as the Alta Vista neighborhood. This area attracts many home buyers in San Jose looking for top rated schools, proximity to natural parks (Vasona County Park) and the lively and popular shopping area of Downtown Los Gatos.

Homes in Cambrian Park are perfect for single families looking for a quiet and  casual way of life in San Jose, only minutes away from downtown-style shopping and plenty of outdoor activities in one of the the most popular parks of San Jose.

Make sure to pick a San Jose Real Estate Agent with a track record of buying and selling houses in Cambrian Park to make sure you get the best deals available on the Cambrian real estate market.